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The White Woman In The Mirror

April 1, 2022

Jasjeet Kaur is an aspiring writer, as she hopes to pursue creative writing in college. Currently she is a senior in high school who writes poetry in her free time and hopes to build an amazing collection.

The White Woman In The Mirror: Arts Articles

i stood in front of the mirror 

and he took his spot beside me 

as i got ready 

he stared at my reflection 

the bypassers would say that he was trapped by my beauty 

but we both knew better 

the intensity of his stare was met by the intensity of his imagination 

he imagined 

that the curves went flat in an effort to make me like her 

my black hair dyed blonde 

my eyes that had once reflected the earth now represented the ocean waves my brown skin lightened till one may liken it to snow 

my voice got quieter till i was considered to be the epitome of a lady the foreign influence melted away 

taking the accents of my ancestors away with it 

changing and changing till i was somebody else 

i held up my smile 

pretending the tears in my eyes came from poking them with my favorite mascara giggling 

but with one look at his face 

it seemed he didn’t like that much either

- the white woman in the mirror

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